The Seven Kingdoms: The Darkening Lands (Book 1)

For the first time in over a thousand years the Seven Kingdoms of Justava are at peace with each other. As age old tensions melt away, the people are able to rest easily in their homes, safe in the knowledge that war will trouble them no longer. But a new power is growing in the heart of Justava, an unseen malice that threatens to destroy the fragile peace and throw Justava back into chaos and war. With the evil Necromancer Empire spreading to every corner of the Seven Kingdoms, it falls upon two young elves who lost everything to this new evil to make a stand. Together, Brenik and Nalia must overcome age old prejudices and travel deep into the wilds of Justava in order to raise their banner and ignite the fires of rebellion.

The Seven Kingdoms: The First Crown (Book 2)

A new Emperor sits on the throne of Justava, one who many now suspect has lead the Necromancers from the very beginning. The Masked Man is cunning and ruthless, and it will take more than a single victory for the Resistance to overthrow his tyrannical rule. In an attempt to expand his army, Brenik divides his forces, sending Nalia and Yukov to the desert lands of Al Quidin whilst he and Ornith venture into the very heart of Resgard in search of a weapon that could change the fortunes of the war. In the midst of all the fighting arrives Torrin Welfast, an explorer from a distant country. Venturing into a land at war, Torrin comes across an old man who claims to be hiding a power that dates back to the very founding of Justava and that endangers the country far more than the civil war that rages over the land. Tasked with destroying this artefact, Torrin embarks on a quest that sees him battling the Emperor and his dark past, confronting his innermost fears and desires, and that will ultimately decide the fate of Justava and the world around her.